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18 Wheels of Steel (5)driven-Simulation
Agatha Christie (2)adventure
Age of Empires (8)strategy
Anno (5)Historc Real-Time Strategy
Assassin's Creed (4)action-adventure
Back To The Future (0)Adventure
Battlefield (15)tactical action
Blitzkrieg (6)strategy
Brothers in Arms (4)shooter
Burnout (4)Racing
Call of Duty (12)action: FPS shooter
Civilization (8)strategy
Colin McRae Rally (5)sport: rally
Command & Conquer (11)strategy
Commander Keen (7)2D Platformer
Commandos (5)strategy
Company of Heroes (4)Historic Real-Time Strategy
Conflict (5)action
Crash Bandicoot (3)3D Platformer
Crime Scene Investigation (5)adventure
Deus Ex (3)
Diablo (3)Action Role-Playing
Disciples (5)strategy
Duke Nukem (5)Action: FPS
Elder Scrolls (5)ROLE - PLAYING
Empire Earth (5)Real-Time Strategy
EverQuest (6)ROLE - PLAYING
FIFA (10)sport: football
Final Fantasy (6)ROLE - PLAYING
FlatOut (3)Demolition Derby
Formula One (3)racing
Gothic (4)action-adventure-RPG
Grand Theft Auto (9)action driven
GTR - FIA GT Racing Game (2)racing - simulation
Half Life (8)action: FPS shooter
Harry Potter (7)kids: adventure
Heroes Of Might And Magic (11)strategy
Hitman (4)ACTION
James Bond 007 (5)ACTION
Lord of the Rings (6)ADVENTURE - RPG
Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth (3)Real-Time Strategy
Madden NFL (5)sport
Medal of Honor (9)ACTION: FPS shooter
Metal Gear Solid (6)action - Adventure
Metroid (4)action: FPS shooter
Midnight Club (3)ACTION DRIVEN
Midtown Madness (3)DRIVEN
Monkey Island (4)ADVENTURE
NASCAR (4)racing
NASCAR (3)sport: driven
NBA Live (7)sport: basketball
Need For Speed (14)driven
Neverwinter Nights (4)ROLE - PLAYING
NHL (5)sport: hockey
Operation Flashpoint (4)TACTICAL ACTION
Pirates of the Caribbean (4)action - adventure
Prince of Persia (6)action - adventure
Project Gotham Racing (4)Street Racing
Quake (3)ACTION: FPS shooter
Resident Evil (7)action - adventure Horror
Rise of Nations (3)Strategy
RollerCoaster Tycoon (3)Business Strategy
Settlers (9)strategy
Silent Hill (3)action - adventure Horror
Silent Hunter (3)simulation
Sims (22)strategy - simulation
SpellForce (5)strategy
Spider-Man (6)action
Star Wars (14)ACTION-RPG
Stronghold (4)strategy
Swat (4)First-Person-Shooter
Tiger Woods PGA Tour (4)sport: golf
TOCA Race Driver (3)sport: driven
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (5)shooter
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (5)action
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (8)shooter
Tomb Raider (6)action - adventure
Tony Hawk's (8)SPORT
Total War (5)strategy
Unreal Tournament (4)Action: FPS shooter
Vietcong (4)action: FPS shooter
Warhammer 40, 000 (7)strategy
Wolfenstein (5)Historic First-Person Shooter
Zoo Tycoon (6)strategy - simulation