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  PC 14.11.06PlayStation II 14.11.06xBox 360 07.11.06GameCube 07.11.06GameBoyAdvanced 14.11.06Nintendo DS 14.11.06  
 Bionicle Heroes
Scifi Action-Adventure
Eidos Interactive / Traveller Tales
  PC 01.11.06PlayStation II 01.11.06PlayStation III 16.11.06xBox 01.11.06xBox 360 01.11.06GameCube 01.11.06Playstation Portable01.11.06Mobile 01.11.06GameBoyAdvanced 01.11.06Nintendo DS 01.11.06  
 Need for Speed: Carbon
Racing - Action
EA Games / EA Canada
  PC 07.11.06PlayStation II 24.10.06PlayStation III 27.03.07xBox 24.10.06xBox 360 17.10.06GameCube 26.10.06  
 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent
Ubi Soft / Ubi Soft Montreal
  PC 17.10.06PlayStation II 17.10.06GameCube 17.10.06Playstation Portable14.11.06GameBoyAdvanced 07.11.06Nintendo DS 07.11.06  
 Sims 2: Pets, The
simulation - strategy
EA Games / Maxis
  PC 03.10.06PlayStation II 03.10.06xBox 03.10.06xBox 360 31.10.06GameCube 03.10.06Playstation Portable03.10.06GameBoyAdvanced 03.10.06Nintendo DS 03.10.06  
 FIFA 07
EA Games / EA Sports
  PC XX.11.06PlayStation II 25.09.06GameCube 25.09.06GameBoyAdvanced 12.11.06  
 Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
Midway / Midway
  PC 19.09.06PlayStation II 19.09.06xBox 19.09.06xBox 360 19.09.06GameCube 19.09.06Playstation Portable19.09.06GameBoyAdvanced 19.09.06Nintendo DS 19.09.06  
 Open Season
action - adventure
Ubi Soft / Ubi Soft Montreal
  PC 12.09.06PlayStation II 12.09.06xBox 12.09.06xBox 360 12.09.06GameCube 12.09.06Playstation Portable12.09.06GameBoyAdvanced 12.09.06Nintendo DS 12.09.06  
 LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
LucasArts / Traveller Tales
  PC 22.08.06PlayStation II 22.08.06PlayStation III XX.08.06xBox 22.08.06xBox 360 22.08.06GameCube 22.08.06GameBoyAdvanced 22.08.06Nintendo DS 22.08.06  
 Madden NFL 07
EA Sports / EA Tiburon
  PC 31.08.06PlayStation II 22.08.06GameCube 22.08.06Playstation Portable22.08.06  
 Pac-Man World Rally
kids racing
Namco / Smart Bomb Interactive
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