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  PlayStation II 15.02.05  
 Nano Breaker
action - adventure
Konami / Konami TYO
  PlayStation II 22.03.05xBox 22.03.05  
action - 3rdPS
Midway / VIS Entertainment
  PC 31.07.03  
 Natural Selection
tactical - FPS
Natural Selection / Natural Selection
  PC 06.06.99PlayStation XX.XX.99  
 Need for Speed 4: High Stakes
action driven
Electronic Arts / Electronic Arts
  PC 01.11.06PlayStation II 01.11.06PlayStation III 16.11.06xBox 01.11.06xBox 360 01.11.06GameCube 01.11.06Playstation Portable01.11.06Mobile 01.11.06GameBoyAdvanced 01.11.06Nintendo DS 01.11.06  
 Need for Speed: Carbon
Racing - Action
EA Games / EA Canada
  PC 02.12.03MAC XX.XX.XX  
 Neverwinter Nights:Hordes of the Underdark
Atari / Bioware
  PC 15.11.02  
 New World Order
Strategy First / Termite Games
  xBox 03.02.04  
 Ninja Gaiden
Tecmo Games / Ninja Team
  PC 01.05.04xBox XX.05.04  
 Nitro Family
action - FPS
  PC 30.09.02MAC XX.XX.XX  
 No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.S Way
action - FPS
Sierra / Monolith Productions
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